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More Oberon! Chibi form because srsly how do you bara

Doodled Oberon again in class. Suuuuuper proud of that nose man

Bored on campus so yeh have a Scoot

a kind of old doodle of my take on oberon from a midsummer night’s dream. i really liked how he turned out, so i plan to do more with him in the future.

Since I haven’t posted anything in a while, here’s a sketch of my babies, Sasha and Colby.

a quick shitty sketch of fenris. haven’t drawn the bae in ages, i feel like i’m neglecting him. Q~Q

i’ll be going to a family reunion next week and i will have no wifi, so i think i’ll just slap together a bunch of sketches to color while i’m there.

Inquisitor Meme- Day 1



Day 1- What’s your Inquisitor’s name?

Felicien Adaar, at your service~

What’s your Inquisitor’s race + class combo? How important is this to your Inquisitor’s identity?

Qunari mage. He doesn’t have much of a Qunari identity, unfortunately, but he keeps his desires to know more about where he comes from well hidden.

What is your Inquisitor’s backstory (in your headcanon) ?

Felicien doesn’t remember much about his birth parents, but he knows they were Tal-Vashoth. They were sailing along the coast of the Tevinter Imperium near Darastes when their vessel was attacked by a slaver ship. Felicien is one of the few aboard who were taken as slaves rather than outright killed, he and a handful of children were spared. He was four years old at the time.

He was sold to a magister in Minrathous for a fairly high price (she was very particular and liked his pretty blue eyes) where he became a servant/pet of sorts, once he was properly trained. He was a willful child, at first, terrified and full of pain he barely understood over his parents’ loss, and it took a week of starving and beating him before he was meek enough for anyone to touch without being bitten.

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I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULDN’T SLEEP UNTIL I AT LEAST HAD HIM SKETCHED OUT. I HAVE DONE IT. I am terrible at drawing dudes that actually look like dudes, but I am fairly pleased with this endeavor! Ladies and gentlemen and any variations or combinations in between, meet Felicien Adaar, my Qunari mage Inquisitor!

A colored tidbit from a Pokémon sketchdump I posted a while back. This one came along because of a conversation with a friend. Apparently, I’d be a Gengar, and she’d be a Ralts. So, here ya go!