some wip shots from a project in my ceramics class!

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have some Jack Spicer in crop tops and booty shorts. Don’t ask what’s going on with his hair in the one on the right


since im on the bus in traffic have two of my favorite elves

i havent touched my copics in a while and whew is it obvious. my inking on zev is just fuckin sloppy

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More Oberon! Chibi form because srsly how do you bara

Doodled Oberon again in class. Suuuuuper proud of that nose man

Bored on campus so yeh have a Scoot

a kind of old doodle of my take on oberon from a midsummer night’s dream. i really liked how he turned out, so i plan to do more with him in the future.

Since I haven’t posted anything in a while, here’s a sketch of my babies, Sasha and Colby.

a quick shitty sketch of fenris. haven’t drawn the bae in ages, i feel like i’m neglecting him. Q~Q

i’ll be going to a family reunion next week and i will have no wifi, so i think i’ll just slap together a bunch of sketches to color while i’m there.